Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oreo Balls

3 posts in 3 days?!? This is unheard of.

Explanation: Since my husband ruptured his PCL and fractured his fibula, we are confined to our home due to his limited mobility which means lots of making and eating of food.

Because of his injury, he is entitled to certain perks - like me fulfulling random cravings on a whim. Yesterday's craving: Oreo Balls. 

Not only are these little guys super addictive they are also super easy to make. I think total time from when the craving struck to completion was just over an hour - and that included me debating whether I should do it and taking a trip to the store to get all the supplies. 

My final reasoning for satisfying his craving: chocolate makes everything better. While it may not help his knee heal faster, at least it can boost his spirits (and mine) through taste buds. 

Yield: about 24 Oreo Balls

1 package Oreos, crushed
1 package Cream Cheese (8 oz)
8-10 oz chocolate 

Mix together the crushed oreos and the cream cheese until very well blended. Form into 1 inch balls.

Melt the chocolate and dip the balls into it, covering them completely.

Source: My very good friend, Melissa

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